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ExaGrid supports replication between distributed data centers. ExaGrid supports up to 16 data centers in a group with 15 spokes to a hub. ExaGrid supports cross-replication between sites.

Backups can occur at any or all of the 16 data centers in a group, 15 spokes to a hub. Typically the hub is the site with the largest amount of data, the most bandwidth, or both. Backups occur at each spoke site and are replicated to the hub site for disaster recovery. The hub site replicates its backups to one or more of the spoke sites for disaster recovery. All data center locations can be a corporate data center or rented rack space in a third-party hosting facility.

ExaGrid allows for backup jobs to be targeted at any number of NAS shares in order to group backups. On a single system, an individual NAS share can be replicated point to point to a site versus all backup data being replicated to the same site.

ExaGrid can replicate over both low and high latency hops, allowing replication to occur to sites anywhere in the world.

Multi-site replication is highly bandwidth efficient. On a week-to-week basis, approximately 2% of the data changes at the byte level and therefore only 1/50th of the data needs to be transferred. ExaGrid’s deduplication requires about 1/50th of the bandwidth versus transferring undeduplicated backup data.

Many of ExaGrid’s North American sites replicate to Europe, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, and many other locations. Many European customers replicate to sites in North America. Many Asia Pacific customers replicate to European locations.

All systems, regardless of where they are located, are managed by a single user interface using Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

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